Enough Already

In my area we have only two choices for an internet provider. We went with the one we thought was the best. Until the last few years we were satisfied with the provider and never had any issues.

It had gotten to where I was seeing more political ads and commercials than the programs that I was watching. My bill kept increasing without me making any changes until it got to the point of being ridiculous. The most cost was for television.

A while back my sister told me about Apps. I love music and she had told me about an App that I could use for free to listen to tons of music. I really enjoy it.

Recently she and I have been discussing Apps and commercials. She has told me about many other Apps that I can use to see movies, news, weather, and other things. Best of all they are free to use.

I was fed up with seeing so many commercials and the cable bill being so high. With my cable provider I had TV, internet and phone bundled. I didn’t know if what I wanted, they would do or not.

I contacted the provider and spent much time off and on with several people online and on the phone. They kept trying to get me to make changes that I didn’t want, but I stood my ground. Finally, I got what I wanted without having to switch providers.

My sweet sister spent a lot of time researching Apps and helping me get all set up so I could get the best Apps for what I wanted to watch on TV. She is like a bloodhound when it comes to finding something. I appreciate her so much; she has researched not only Apps but a lot of things for me.

I can now view all I want to, there are still commercials but not as many and they are shorter, best of all I am not having to pay to watch more commercials than programs. I still have my phone and internet; they gave me faster internet and I am loving it.

My cable bill went down $200.00, and I am incredibly happy about that. I made a wise decision. Sometimes we just need to hang in until we get what we want.

Old Fuddy Duddy

Never have I considered myself to be an old fuddy duddy but, I might need to rethink that. The way I see it…

A cell phone is a phone. I do not use it for anything but calls and texts.

A refrigerator is to keep food cold and fresh.

A television is to watch programs, news and movies.

A stove is for cooking food on the top or in the oven.

A computer is used for things I enjoy out in cyber space and a few other things, but it is only used like I have used a computer since I got my first one many years ago.

A toaster/convection oven is for toasting, baking and broiling.

A car is to start up and drive to where I want to go.

A car that drives itself, well I am sure not ready for that and will never be.

Many of the modern conveniences I am thankful for and enjoy having, even though some have more bells and whistles than I like.

I don’t have any desire to have them talk to me or do something for me that I can do for myself.

Maybe I am a fuddy duddy after all, but I am quite okay with that and it doesn’t bother me if anyone chooses to call me one.

I have nothing against those who enjoy things that I don’t. Keep on enjoying and be blessed. We are all different and have our likes and dislikes.

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